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All Cars > 1999 Nissan Siliva S15 Time Attack Tomei SR2.1 & HKS Sequential 5

1999 Nissan Siliva S15 Time Attack Tomei SR2.1 & HKS Sequential 5

GearboxManual StockStock: pv 033
Price 2,700,000 Yen


This car is built to a very high level, and has only been used 3 or so times since its build! Mission was purchased used but overhauled before installed. Engine hasn’t even done 2000kms since overhaul. The car made a 59 Second lap at Tsukuba on its shakedown.

The chassis was built by one of the top guys at HKS. The paint was all removed so theres some surface rust appearing on the underside from sitting around. We would advise treatment and paint to prevent any corrossion ASAP. The cars generally immaculate though for a race car.

Designed as a Grip car, this is also potintailly a top level Drift with this spec.


1999.6 Nissan Silvia Spec R


F: 295 30 18 Hankook Ventus TD (USED)
R: 295 (USED)



Tomei 86.5 Piston (2.1l)
Tomei H Shape conrod
Normal Crank Balance
Oil Catch Tank
RGF Metal Gasket
Extended Oil Pan
Tomei Poncam Type R
Nismo 720cc Injectors
Nismo Fuel Pump
GCG GT3028R Turbo
Aftermarket Mani
GT Wastegate
HKS Intercooler
Greddy Oilcooler
Koyo Radiator
Front Pipe
Suction Pipe
Silcione Rad Pipes
Greddy Intake Mani
80mm Titananium exhaust


Full Spot welding
Okuyama 9 point roll cage
Vertex Ridge Full Aero and Fenders
FRP Front Diffusser
Vertex Canards
RGF Bonnet (Cut Down to save weight)
Aero Catch
Esprit GT Carbon Wing
FRP Trunk
FRP Doors
Plastic Door glass
Front Tow Eye


F Con V Pro
Racepack IP3
Push Starter
Brake balancer
Bride Lowmax Seat
Tomei 4 Pad Harness with Sablet Pads
Drift Button
Car Modify Wonder Steering Wheel
Braille Race Battery


HKS 5 speed sequential
HKS Triple plate clutch
Nismo 2 Way LSD (4.083)
Nismo Rear Lower Arms
Nismo Traction Rods
Cusco Adjustable Toe Control Rods
Cusco Rear Upper Arms
Tein Drift Spec Full Tap Coilovers
Front and Rear ER34 Brakes, Aftermarket Pads
Ikeya Formula Tension Rods
Ikeya Formula Tie Rods
Nismo Front Power Brace
Nismo Front Stabiliser
Nismo Ftont Lower Arms
Almost New Enkei RS05RR Wheels 18 x10.5 + 22


Option 2 Featured Car
RGF Demo / Customer Car
POWER 480PS @1.4kg (Japanese 100 Octane Pump Fuel)
Further Tuning on Request (Larger Brakes, New Seats/harnesses etc)
Drivers Seat and Harness a little old / worn

The price above is FOB ( delivered to port in Japan ) , shipping to the uk will be 100,000 yen.

Import duty, vat and all other associated costs will be payable upon arrival in the UK to the clearing agent.