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Here’s some of our frequently asked questions;

Q – How does the whole process work?
A – Please see the following links to our help pages. Car Auctions and Yahoo Auctions

Q – I’ve read the help pages but I still am not sure?
A – Please contact us using the contact form below or give us a call on 01409 231887

Q – How much will it cost to ship my car?
A – This depends on the size and weight of the vehicle, usually around 100,000YEN

Q – Where can we ship to?
A – We can ship to most large ports allover the world, you will need to contact us for specific port information. In the UK cars are normally shipped to Southampton, Felixstowe or Liverpool.

Q – How long will it take my car to get to the UK?
A – This depends where the car has been bought from, if its a car auction it would normally take around 6 weeks. If the car is bought from yahoo it can take longer as the car has to be de-registered and shipped to the port in Japan, this can take from 6 weeks – 12 weeks.

Q – How long will it take my items to get to the UK?
A – Items bought from the Yahoo Auctions can be shipped by Airmail or in our container. Airmail items are shipped quicker but sizes and weight are limited. Container items can be upto any size and weight but take longer to ship.

Q – What do I need to do to make my car road legal in the UK?
A – To be road legal in the UK the car needs to have an MOT, be registered with the DVLA to obtain a V5 certificate, have road tax and valid insurance. Once these have been completed the you will then receive a car registration certificate in which you can by your number plates with.

Q – How much of a deposit do I need to provide?
A – 20% before a bid is placed for you, this is refundable should you not win the vehicle/item

Q – Can I cancel my bid once it has been authorised?
A – In short no, in exceptional circumstances it may be possible.

Q – But I don’t want the car anymore?
A – All bids are legal binding (as if you’re buying on eBay) once your bid is placed you must follow through with the purchase.