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It’s great for finding those innovative, rare or just damn cool parts for your car which are not available anywhere in Europe, but it’s not limited to just car parts – you can indulge in everything Japanese, so for those of you who are fans of Japanese culture, you could pick up a whole truckload of great gadgets, anime magazines and some fantastic gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

It couldn’t be easier, you just place a bid on an item, we receive your bid and contact you to arrange a deposit. Once received we then bid on the item for you, if its within your price range and the item is won then we will arrange to have the item sent direct to you.

Important – Please read our terms of service

You agree that:

  • Our service to you is solely to facilitate the buying of a product and shipping on your behalf.
  • We are not responsible for the listing of items on the auctions or their description accuracy (including respective translations).
  • We can not be held responsible for product defects or incorrect product specifications.
  • We stress that it’s extremely important to read the listing descriptions carefully and to please contact us if you need any assistance before providing a bid.


Buying A Car From Japan

How it works?

Once you have found a car you would like to bid on please contact us as you will need to give us a deposit based on the bid value. This will need to be paid by bank transfer, which is refundable if you do not win the vehicle.

When you win a car we will bill you for the car, shipping, maritime insurance, Japanese agents buying fee, transportation cost to get the car to the docks in Japan & our buying fee. Please note that there could be an additional charge for raising the car, should it be very low. This is not applied to every car though. This is everything you will need to pay to get the car to the UK.

Typically your costs on top of the car purchase price would be:

  • Shipping – around 100,000 yen depending on the size of the car.
  • Maritime insurance – 5,000 yen (unless its a high value car).
  • Extra distance transport – this will vary depending on where the car is in Japan. Normally this will be around 35,000 yen, but can be more if the car is on an island for example.
  • Low down car raising fee – 32,000 yen.
  • Japanese agent buying fee – 130,000 yen.
  • Our Buying Fee;
    From £799+VAT for Vehicles up to 1.49M JPY
    £995+VAT for Vehicles 1.5M JPY to 5.99M JPY
    £1500+VAT for Vehicles 6M JPY to 9.99M JPY
    For vehicles above 10M JPY – please get in contact

Your deposit will be deducted from the final amount payable. We will require this payment, also by bank transfer, within 3 working days.

When the car reaches the UK there is VAT and duty to be paid to the shipping agent. We use Kleerfreight and this is who we would recommend to any of our customers. The invoice the clearing agent provides must be paid before the car is able to be released from the docks.

Prior to the car arriving in the UK you will receive original documents as follows:

  • Bill of Lading (3 originals and numerous duplicates).
  • Invoice / Bill of Sale.
  • Japanese Export Certificate (de-registration) in Japanese.
  • Japanese Export Certificate (de-registration) translated into English.

To clear your vehicle through customs Kleerfreight will require email or fax copies of items 1,2 & 4 only. We can send these to Kleerfreight for you or you can email them to [email protected] or by fax to +44 (0)1795 666611. They will also require your full name and address with contact phone number.

To clear your vehicle through customs Kleerfreight’s fee is £95.00.
Once in receipt of your documents they will calculate the taxes due, add their £95.00 fee and ask you to transfer the funds into their bank, from there they send them to HMRC to get the vehicle tax paid.

Your taxes are calculated from the CIF price of the vehicle (Cost-Insurance-Freight)
Duty is currently 10%, VAT 20%


CIF Price of car £1000.00
£1000 x 10% = £100 in Duty
VAT is calculated as follows
£1000 (CIF price) + £100 (Duty) +£95 (Clearance fee) then x the total by 20% = £239.00 in VAT
So total payable to HM Customs in taxes would be £339.00

Once customs cleared, your vehicle will need to be released by the shipping company, this is achieved by lodging with them the ORIGINAL bill of lading and paying the terminal handling charges. You can then collect the car from the docks.

HM Customs will then (within 7-10 working days) place your vehicle on the NOVA system which will tie up your vehicle as tax paid when you come to register it. Kleerfreight forward copies of your customs declaration/clearance by email along with an invoice once everything has gone through.

If the vehicle is over 10 years old, it is as simple as putting the car through an MOT test, filling in a V55/5 which can be requested from https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms. The cost of registration is £55 plus the applicable cost of tax for your car.

If the car is below 10 years old it may require an SVA certificate. It may have to be taken to a test station for this.
If require any further information, please contact [email protected] or call us on 01409231887

Buying Parts From Japan

How the process works?

Once you have found a part you would like to bid on please contact us as you will need to give us a deposit based on the bid value. This will need to be paid by bank transfer, which is refundable if you do not win the part.

If you win the item we then invoice you for the part. Depending on the size of what you are buying we will determine whether to ship the item in our container or in a box directly to us. At the time that the item is shipped we will then invoice you for shipping. If the item comes in the container we categorise items into size and apply the cost of shipping based on the size.

If you require the item to be sent in a box, the price varies depending on what the item is. Please contact us for more information.

Container shipping takes around 6-8 weeks and we have containers arriving with us between 4 and 6 times a year at the moment.

When the container arrives in the UK we will bill you for import charges, and then shipping to get the item to your door.